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Advising/Person-Centered Planning

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Person-Centered Planning

This website gives an overview of person-centered planning and its purpose.

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It's My Choice

This 90 page document is intended to teach students about person-centered planning and includes a workbook for individuals to think about their life and what is important to them.

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Person-Centered Planning Guide

A manual for person-centered planning facilitators.

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TCC’s Employment Credential Advising Sheet

This one-page 2019 document is an At-a-Glance of the courses completed and yet to complete for the student’s achievement of the 33 hour Employment Credential.  There are five pathway options represented; Arts, Humanities, Communication, and Design; Business; Science, Technology, Engineering and Math; Social and Behavioral Sciences and Human Sciences; and Education.

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Southeastern Postsecondary Education Alliance (SEPSEA)

Surely you have heard of SEPSEA, the Southeastern Postsecondary Education Alliance, and the amazing work they do. Well, now you can become a member of SEPSEA and help them pursue their mission of “promoting access to quality inclusive postsecondary education for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the southeast through a shared focus on collaboration through program development, research, and public policy.

Find out more on the SEPSEA website, and consider joining today.

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Webinar: Students with Intellectual disabilities in a College Course? Sure! But How Do We Do It?

We have heard your request to learn more about how to support students with intellectual disability in college courses as well as how to engage the college professors and instructors who have students with intellectual disabilities enrolled in their courses.

Below is the link to a recent FCIHE Faculty Professional Development webinar that speaks directly to your requests.  Please share the link widely.  It is well worth the time to hear how three postsecondary education faculty from Florida and South Carolina not only support the students with intellectual disabilities enrolled in their courses, but through a Universal Design for Learning lens, are enhancing their courses to better support all students. Filled with examples and resources, this is a must-see webinar.


Length: 55 minutes


Topics Covered: Course content and reasonable adaptations for student learning outcomes, Universal Design for Learning (UDL), navigating student engagement and expectations, student contracts, student accountability, student assessment, and more.

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