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The Consortium members are available for technical assistance, site visits, professional development and ongoing coaching. If you need help getting started or enhancing your program, or have a question about what we do or, please contact us.

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Mailing Address: 

Florida Consortium on Inclusive Higher Education

P. O. Box 163661, Orlando FL 32816-3661

For inquiries, questions, or concerns please email us at: [email protected]


Office Phone/E-mail:

Office Assistant
Catherine Newell
Email: [email protected]
Phone Number: 407-823-1098


Kathleen Becht, Ph.D.
Email: [email protected]
Phone Number: 407-823-1099


Consortium Partners:

University of Central Florida

Adam Meyer, Ph.D., [email protected]

Executive Director, Inclusive Education Services 


Florida International University

Nicole Attong, [email protected]

Project Panther LIFE and Panther PLUS


University of South Florida St. Petersburg

Jordan Knab, Ed.S., [email protected]

L. Danielle Roberts-Dahm, M.A., [email protected]

Director, Project 10 STING RAY


Florida State College at Jacksonville

Michele Kennedy Johnson, [email protected]

Coordinator, V.E.R.T.I.C.A.L.

Ethel Still-Richardson, [email protected]

Denise Giarrusso, [email protected]

University of Central Florida

4000 Central Florida Blvd.
Ferrell Commons, 7C, Room 155
Orlando, FL 32816-3661

Call 407-823-1098 or Contact Us


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