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SEPSEA 2018 Call for Proposals

The Southeastern Postsecondary Education Alliance (SEPSEA) is an alliance of inclusive postsecondary education programs across the southeast where we share our practices of IPSE.  This year the SEPSEA conference is in Memphis Tennessee, April 19 & 20, 2018.   The…

December/January Update

FCIHE will put out bi-monthly updates with news related to the Consortium, local, state, and national coverings, as well as pertinent information in the world of inclusive post-secondary education. December.January Update

HEOA Reauthorization Begins

Reauthorization of HEOA of 2008 will have a significant impact on the TPSID initiative. Republicans have taken the first step toward reauthorization with their December 1 introduction of H.R. 4508, Promoting Real Opportunity, Success, and Prosperity through Education Reform (PROSPER)…

2018 FLSAND “My Voice Matters” Conference

The 2018 FLSAND “My Voice Matters” Conference will be taking place February 2-4 at the Florida Hotel and Conference Center at the Florida Mall. All self-advocates in Florida are invited to attend the conference, regardless of their affiliation with FL SAND (Florida Self-advocates…

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