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Access to College and Careers for Students with an Intellectual Disability

This website is designed to provide information on Florida’s inclusive college programs for students with intellectual disabilities. It is intended for students with an intellectual disability and their families, and postsecondary and secondary staff, teachers, and instructors.

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Section - Online Learning Modules

Online Learning Modules

Enjoy free online modules on Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in Postsecondary Education and College Advising through Person-Centered Planning.  These modules were developed specifically for postsecondary programs, instructors and coursework.

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Section - Funding Support

Funding Support

Program startup and enhancement grants will be awarded annually to institutions of higher education that align their program with HEOA’s Comprehensive Transition and Postsecondary Program (CTP) and plans for sustainability. One-year grants are available up to $24,999.  We are also able to offer travel assistance to individuals wishing to visit inclusive postsecondary institutions.  You may access applications for both options on the About page or click the button below.

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Section - We Can Help

We Can Help

Starting inclusive postsecondary programs for students with an intellectual disability, or writing the grant for the program, can be challenging. We have the resources, training, and technical assistance to share with you.

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Resources For Everyone

Resources For Everyone

The Florida Consortium on Inclusive Higher Education has gathered a numerous resources including website links, web modules, media, program guides, and documents to assist students, their families, and secondary and postsecondary educators in learning more about, enhancing, or establishing your own college program for students with an intellectual disability.  New resources will be added and showcased regularly.

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